Prepare questions to ask the employer during the interview

15 Apr

All the familiar procedure of the interview. In preparation for this meeting, the candidates are preparing cv’s, it displays all your previous employment and places held, its functionality, as well as prescribe their skills, identify their personal characteristics. Also in recent years it has become fashionable to specify a hobby.
In the best case, the applicant will take with them, in addition to the summary of some of his achievements made in past papers (articles, guidance documents, etc.). Gathering all this wealth, wearing a business suit and ready to answer any questions a potential employer, it will assume that is fully ready for the job interview.
But this is not the case. Now the employer is not only inquiring querys, but also likes to applicant expressed interest in the firm, which wants to work. On the initiative of the applicant, on his, even ostentatious, but still of interest depends on the view of the employer consultant who conducts the meeting. And in the interest of the applicant to make a good impression.
Along with a pre-thought-out replys to possible questions to ask in an interview, an employer should be prepared and his list of questions to ask in an job interview the employer. Here are some questions, get answers to which the applicant will know whether it is a place of work, whether that fits the position, which is offered.

1. What would be the duties and responsibilities (what objectives and plans will be put to the prospective worker, what specifically he would do in the firm and it’s worth inquiring about the interchangeability)?

2. What are the causes of this job?

3. What is the procedure of registration to work in the organization (work book)?

4. What is the mode of operation adopted by the organization (including breaks during the working day, overtime)?

5. What is probation? Does the company have developed mentoring, provides for the introduction of a new employee in the course of affairs of the firm, given the load at once or gradually?

6. What’s the business’s benefits package: a fully revered as the Labor Code, provides for a medical insurance coverage, meals, corporate fitness? We should also clarify the cost of sick leave.

7. What programs are intended to motivate workers of the firm (awards, training, etc.)?

8. What is the ambiance in the team: inside company culture, the business adopted a dress code, rules of conduct in the team, held a company event?

9. How would you characterize the relationship, between management and employees?
10. In the case of the need to acquire the profile of literature, at whose expense this is happening, and who gets it: the employee or a special department (employees) responsible for this type of procurement?
11. What is the level of sound in the room the place the need to work? How many people today in the room? From what department? How and what is equipped workplace?
12. What meetings / planning session / meetings will participate?

13.Does the corporation have the opportunity for career growth, when there is an enhance in the firm employees to higher positions, they are interviewed by the conformity of a position on a normal basis, along with candidates from outside? What to do this (self-education, superior training, working hours of experience, certification, or something else)?
14. What are your plans for the corporation in its marketplace segment?
If after all the replys to the querys this work is really interested in, then do not be shy and not immediately ask about the amount of remuneration.
It should show the employer your interest in the proposed job, and try to bring good arguments that the employer is the person that they need. It is also worth inquiring whether the indexing is provided for compensation, as is often revised wage amounts, are there any formal methods for this or the procedure is done automatically (eg, annually)? It is vital to clarify the procedure for fee of wages . And ultimately, not to be limited only by the words “It was very nice,” and not continue to be in limbo, it is necessary to ask the following question: how swiftly a decision is made on the job?
So, armed with a notepad with a pen, not only the employer but the applicant will act as the job interviewer, which will definitely add a fat check in the preparation of the image of the applicant and the decision on the admission of his work.

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